Zircon - Evolution in d95 / d98

Floating strength & color zirconia

Zircon for all cases.

In use since years for thousands of cases - Our zirconia has been optimized for all daily challenges and offers the right material for all indications.

The latest: our multiple multilayer. NOVAZir ® Fusion float® ml! Stepless color gradient, stepless translucency curve, stepless progression of bending strength. (4Y-TZP / 5Y-TZP) 800 - 1100/46% - 43%

Incidentally: the sale and use of white zirconia, which can be colorized, dyeing liquid and multilayers is protected by various patents. Our zircon is patented for your carefree use!

NOVAZir® Indication

done with NOVACer®ZR on NOVAZir®ST A2

minimal layering - simple and smoooooth....

Reinventing the wheel?
No! But maybe it runs a bit better.

We have designed a product system that makes daily production easier and cheaper. It should meet the highest demands, both technically and aesthetically, and take into account the latest developments in framework materials.

Simple to use means it facilitates daily production. There is everything - but you do not need it. Highest aesthetic results with modern color concept, efficient workflow, spending less time and costs. We need also to be economically successful. For us as a user that was a challenge, because we are not an industry. The tailormade production according to our wishes is therefore carried out by world-renowned experts.

Yours sincerely

Gabor Koos & Torsten Gröger