made by experience

This is the signature of all our products, which we will now bring from our own production step by step into trade. These are materials that we have developed, modified or let produce through our own high consumption.

Our products have been tried and tested thousands of times, meet the highest quality requirements and of course always have a good price - from dental technicians for dental technicians.


Lithium disilicate // pellets - You have never pressed better before 

Never gray again. NOVAPress® combines all the properties required for efficient production with a modern material.

With an extremely little reaction layer, acidification is superfluous, a light blasting it is enough. The very good flow properties reproduce the smallest details and are stable thanks to their high breaking strength.

And thanks to natural fluorescence your patients can return to the disco!


Veneering ceramics - of the finest quality.

Tried and tested rethought & made.  We have designed a coordinated ceramic system that makes our daily production easier and cheaper.

Simple to use means it facilitates daily production. There is everything - but you do not need it. Highest aesthetic results with a modern color concept, efficient workflow with less time and costs.


Another little step on the way to a good succes.

Our NOVAWax burns out without residue, does not smudge and has a good expansion stability. NOVAWax is therefore ideal for pressing glass ceramics without the risk of cracking.